A smiling man in high-vis leans against a huge girder sticking out of the earth near a digger.

Moyne Shire offers cabins to workers in bid to address housing crisis, labor shortage

The windy shores of Warrnambool are a world away from Alberta Canada’s rocky mountain trails — something Cassidy Kroeker is reminded each morning.

Mr Kroeker is a survey equipment specialist, a profession in such short supply that a regional Victorian earthworks company was willing to sponsor and fly him Down Under as soon as his suitcase was packed.

The 34-year-old was parachuted from the snowy winterland of his hometown in February, arriving under a scorching summer sun in Melbourne before nervously driving west in search of adventure and his new home.

Three hours later he was in south-west Victoria.

Little did he know he’d be living out of suitcases for the next few months.

Mr Kroeker was in the south-west shortly after touching down in Melbourne, but then the struggle began.(Supplied: Cassidy Kroeker)

When jobs are easier to find than houses

The regional city of Mortlake, three hours west of Melbourne, is home to 1,500 people.

Mr Kroeker’s new employers, an earthworks moving company specializing in farm work, were desperate to make that 1,501 and find him a place to live close to their operation base in the town.

But that was a task easier said than done.


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