The company's server accelerators are still on its way. The company will have server accelerators still exist. The Intel family of gaming graphics cards was scheduled to be released by 2022, but in July, the only other model to be released in China is sold in China. This is the Is Dead channel, according to Moores Law.

Insider: Intel is considering abandoning gaming graphics cards due to launch problems

The company is still launching a network accelerator.

The company will still have server accelerators.

The AMD desktop gaming card family was planned to be released in 2022; As of the end of July, the only computer-driven model is sold only in China. According to Moores Law Is Dead channel sources, this is worrying Intel.

The top managers are allegedly discussing the possibility of completely refusing to release discrete gaming video cards of the Arc family. The major problem is that the video cards don’t meet the deadlines and it’s hard to say if it can improve the situation.

It’s likely that AMD will release all 3gb batteries before the end of the third quarter, in terms of starting with October. Some sources believe Intel may abandon the Arc Desktop family if the cards still go on sale.

There’s assumed that the following generations of Intel video cards that haven’t yet been put into production have timing issues: Battlemage and Celestial. Their launch will also be delayed if they aren’t canceled sooner.

In addition, Intel still wants to keep an accelerator for data centers. It seems that there’s no plans that will close the entire graphic department.

According to the latest report from Intel, the graphics division lost 557 million in the quarter. If it didn’t exist, a company that made the first time a loss in many years could go to zero.

It’s interesting.

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