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Google Search just got a handy upgrade for finding things fast — and you can try it now

Google has many tricks and shortcuts that help narrow down exactly what you are looking for — and it just rolled out a new search feature that should speed things up even more. When you use quotes in a search, that particular word or phrase will show up in a snippet in bold under the webpage — and not just that: Google will indicate where exactly that word/phrase will appear on the site.

The new update from Google should save you precious minutes that were spent in scrolling through websites, finding the exact term you are looking for. Google already had “search with quotes” in place, which brought up only those pages that contained those particular words.

Now in a blog post (opens in new tab), Google mentions that it is updating its search shortcut to help users find content much faster. Google “generally” makes the quoted words bold in the webpage snippets when searched for on a desktop, but not when accessed through a phone.

Google illustrates the search results for “google search” (Image credit: Google)

In Google’s example, the term “google search” is highlighted in bold below each webpage that it is found. The sentence that is under the webpage is a snippet that Google has created to help users find the term, rather than a description or context of the webpage.

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